Color Blocking!

Bra Top: Forever 21. Blazer: Club Monaco. Pants: H&M. Shoes: Jessica Simpson. Earrings: Thrift. Lips: MAC (Lady Danger)

I decided to go a little sexier for part 2 of my shoot at home. Although I would consider myself girly girly (well a little rough around the edges), I don't really dress overly sexy. I believe in subtlety. I think that not showing skin can be as sexy as showing it all off. With that being said, this is me playing around with color blocking, as I play around with dressing sexy!


Playing with Prints!

Shirt: Rugby Ralph Lauren. Pants: Urban Behavior. Shoes: Yves Saint Laurent. Hat: Marshalls. Belt: Haute and Low (me). Watch: Michael Kors. Earrings: H&M.

I've been so tired lately, and I've been lacking on my blogging. So I got home from work and my BF told me that enough was enough, and made me post something. My first thought was how I wanted to wear my new shoes that my BF got me for Valentine's Day, everything else just came together after. This was part 1 of the mini shoot I did at home. Part 2 will be coming shortly!


Layers of Fabric

I had an amazing brunch last weekend with my boyfriend and his mom. I ate beef brisket tacos with corn... Delicious!                                      

This was a bourbon with banana puree... Soooo Goood!
Then we took a trip to my favorite fabric store in Astoria, Queens. Its a pretty small, but as you can see there is fabric EVERYWHERE! I can stay here for hours looking for fabric... and sometimes I do.
Jacket and Sweater: Club Monaco. Vest: Haute and Low (Me). Pants: JNBY. Shoes: Christian Louboutin. Bag: Vintage Louis Vuitton. Watch: Michael Kors. Lips: MAC (ruby woo).

With the weather changing lately for the better, I try my hardest to stay away from heavy coats. I just put on a few layers on to keep warm and add interest to my outfit. Layering is is one of my favorite things to do when it comes to dressing. I love mixing patterns and colors, just make sure you find a way to bring it all together and look cohesive.