Favorite Looks!

I created this look for the "woman on the go" challenge that I won. I love this look because
 its so versatile. You can dress it up or down. 
I created this look for our  first challenge in Times Square. I love this look because
 I think the vest over the dress looks great together!  
I also won this challenge by creating a fall look. This was a group challenge, so I
have to thank Gunnar and Chris for helping me win.

And of course there was the candy challenge! I love this look for so many reasons,
but mostly because I love candy! 

This dress is bittersweet to me. I love this dress and really feel like created a strong look,
yet I was still sent home... It's ok though.

This final look was from the HP challenge,where we had create our own print based
on our heritage. I love this whole look... It's amazing!  

My amazing muse model throughout the season was Alex Wynne. We built a great bond with each other and she really contributed to my Project Runway experience. She would come into the work room, calm me down and even give me massages sometimes. I love her!

Happy Hump Day! XOXO


  1. All of your looks are fantastic. Your Green Dress is Amazing. You Always get it right, don't believe the hype.

    Hold your head high, I didn't watch the whole season but your work speaks for itself. Amazing. Keep going x.

  2. Your looks were / are ALL FAB! Dont stop doin you ;)

  3. I've just finished watching project runway s10 , i absolutely wanted you to go to fashion week but hey! God always opens another door for bigger and better things... your work is amazing so never give up on your dreams.
    Also do you have a tutorial or step by step guide on how to tie your head scarves, they looked pretty cool :) xx

    Tweet: @raykay29